Realism Portraits by Linda Maphet

Young Boy Portrait Painting by Linda Maphet Brennan

There is a story hidden in every portrait.  I love the way character and personality are revealed in the details of a face.  Color, light, textures and patterns are fascinating pieces of the puzzle, even for landscapes and still lifes.  I work primarily in oils and graphite drawings, children's and adult portraits, and my style is best expressed as a cross between classical realism and impressionism.   I hope you find something in my work that touches your heart and encourages you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Real Life Portrait Paintings by Linda Maphet


A Texas native, I have lived on three continents and in five states before settling in the beautiful foothills of north Georgia over two decades ago, and I believe that such a broad exposure to cultures, people and places has affected my art.  I am inspired by such masters as Sargent, Sorolla, Rembrandt, and others in their use of light and color.  I am indebted to Chris diDomizio of Atlanta for his instruction and professional encouragement that has enabled me over the last couple of years to become an award-winning artist. I now want to pass on these methods with painting & drawing classes of my own! Contact me for more information.