Realism Painting & Drawing Fees

Portrait Painting by Artist Realism Portrait

Backgrounds, portrait size, and additional subjects can all influence the time frame required for creating intricate paintings and drawings.


Because of the many variables involved in planning realism portraits, please call or email to discuss your particular needs.


Half of the total is due upon initial commitment, with the remaining half due when the piece is finished to your complete satisfaction, after any changes are made.


The process:

Work begins when we have enough information via a combination of any or all of the following: a personal interview, a sitting for sketches/photographs and the use of photographs from other sources. Preliminary drawings and color sketches (for an oil painting) are submitted for approval and/or changes, which can take 2-3 weeks, followed by 3-5 weeks for the finished portrait. A portrait done in pencil usually takes about 2 weeks.



drawings:          8x10    -     $150            (these are approx. sizes and on heavy paper)

                          11x14    -     $350

                          14x17    -     $450

                          16x20    -     $650           (this size accommodates additional subjects,

                                                                     but additional charges apply)



oil paintings:    Please contact the artist.